Sunday, July 30, 2006

Down the Angel .... and up Holloway

We’ve come up with a title change to reflect the Islington North writers, adding ‘and up Holloway’ to the main title. When I tell him this M says, ‘Don’t suppose it’ll affect sales if you keep it small.’ Maybe he has a point because this week while trying to arrange a reading it goes fine as long as I’m saying the Angel but when I mention Holloway the woman gives me this look, so I say ‘What?’ and she says, ‘I used to live there, it’s RUFF.’ What can I say? Is she worried her venue will get trashed?

Holloway: I guess at any given moment half of us are suffering from road rage — once I when was parking my old Fiat Panda near Seven Sisters Road, a guy behind yelled that I’d cut him up. I thought we agreed to disagree on that, but when I returned to the car half an hour later all the tyres were slashed. I’m back on a travelcard now. Less stress.


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