Monday, July 31, 2006

Shaun’s doubt

Shaun Levin emails a link to where Hisham Matar can find ‘Cezanne’s Doubt’ online (a reference to the Hisham Matar Top 10 page on Pulp Net) and I realise Shaun may be gently nudging me about his story, 'Phone Love'. I asked if he had a Down the Angel story a while back, but somehow in the heat-induced untogetherness this summer, I forgot all about it and Shaun’s story is not typeset! Ouch. Will get onto it today…


Blogger Chroma: A Queer Journal said...

I'm never as subtle as that! It was a genuine gift to Hisham - and also a way of thanking him for introducing me to the essay. I'm excited about the anthology - and like the way my story looks on the page (despite the dodgy punctuation!) - and appreciate the amount of work that goes into producing a publication.

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