Monday, September 11, 2006


I visit the printers before they move on to binding, since I happen to be in the area. The site is huge, in a kind of business park set-up (it is the print division of CUP). I hide my bike outside, not wanting to look too scruffy, and wait in a palatial reception area for what seems weeks until my contact, Ken, arrives.

The unbound sections and jacket he shows me both look fine. There's some under-inking, but that may be the matt paper stock. Overall I'm happy enough, it's getting there. Ken insists on sending a bound sample, because he’s convinced the cover should be scored. But I hate score marks. On my personal list of all-time print crimes, they are up there with shiny white inside pages, gloss laminate covers, and embossed gold titles or author names. Ooops, am I being too book-geeky here?


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