Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Did I write that?

About the "few small edits and tweaks" I mean? Because I didn't finish until half nine, and it ain't over. T works on the web a lot so for the him the idea of a print job — an actual good old-fashioned book — is mysterious and exciting, and he's working hard on getting it right. The downside is, add his perfectionism to mine, and we may never pass a single page, we'll be in proofs forever. At least that's how it feels right now... It's like the inertia you get just before moving house when, despite the fact that all around you everyday items are being swallowed up by cardboard boxes, you somehow stop believing the move will ever happen...
When I finished, I locked up and walked home along back streets in the dark, a little jumpy as I passed the place where the murder signs were a few months back. Too much coffee, I expect.


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